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Hardwood Floor Refinishing: All You Need To Know.

Before you inquire about hardwood floor cleaning services, you may want to understand what is hardwood floor refinishing and when it is the right time to have it done. Hardwood floor refinishing is a process that involves abrading or replacing the layers of finish on the wood floors, followed by applying a new topcoat. It is a service that should be performed by a hardwood floor refinishing Ann Arbor. Hardwood floors are a popular choice for home improvement, especially in the kitchen. They add a nice feel to any home décor and are a great investment. However, the maintenance and upkeep of hardwood floors can be expensive and time-consuming.

As hardwood floors age and begin to show wear, it is best to refinish every few years or so to maintain a fresh look and improve the floor’s appearance. A professional refinishing job should take only a day, but this depends on how much square footage needs to be done. The best time to refinish your hardwood floors is between the spring and fall when you have the best chance of getting a good result. The reason is that the finish you apply will be protected by the winter’s moisture from being absorbed into the wood.

hardwood Floor Refinishing

Why Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing services are the number one solution for hardwood floors that need a refresh. This service removes years of wear and tear and brings out the natural beauty of your floors again. You should also keep in mind that wood is a natural material and is subject to change as weather and moisture conditions vary from year to year. There are three different approaches in finishing hardwood flooring: we provide a screen and recoating as part of our refinishing hardwood floor services.

There are several advantages to refinishing your hardwood floors. Firstly, it adds better protection from the elements. Secondly, it provides an extra layer of protection in between heavy traffic and the wood. We recommend a professional to do the job for you, as it is safer and it won’t cost you as much as buying all the equipment yourself, plus, it saves you a lot of time. Hardwood floor refinishing is a very different process than painting wood floors. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing you could end up with a big mess and possibly damage your flooring.

How Much Does Hardwood Floor Refinishing Costs?

The cost can vary, depending on the type of wood flooring you have, the extent of refinishing that needs to be done, the type of coating you choose, and as well as the refinishing company you choose. That said, the average cost is between $1.50 to $2.00 a square foot. The average cost varies depending on the difficulty of the work and the total size of the area you want to be refinished. The costs may be lower if you’re having the entire house refinished instead of just a single room.

Hardwood floors are a great investment for homes due to the fact that they are very durable and resistant to damage over time. Once they wear down in certain parts, hardwood floors tend to look worn out with scratches and often lose their sheen and luster. If your floors are in dire need of assistance, we’d be glad to schedule a free estimate and evaluate what it is your floors need.

How Often Should You Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are durable, beautiful, and will last decades if they’ve been properly cared for. The most important factor in caring for hardwood floors is to prevent moisture from entering the wood or scratches that penetrate the wood. Moisture, which can lead to staining, will cause the wood to swell up, turn black, split, and begin rotting. Depending on the type of wood and the climate where you live, it’s a good idea to refinish your hardwood floors every 3 to 5 years. If you have a high humidity climate, you may consider refinishing them every 2 years or so. If your wood floors have some protection left, but they are worn down, they may just need to be refreshed with a new topcoat or two.

Hardwood floor refinishing is a relatively affordable and effective way to prolong the life of your hardwood floors. It is also a great way to protect your flooring and prevent scratches and stains. If you have any questions for this service, give us a call, we’d be happy to answer your questions! Call Best Way Carpet Cleaning at 734-663-2733

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