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Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Best Way has earned its reputation for superior carpet cleaning by always investing in the latest industry tools and products before our competitors.

The Steps We Include In Our Carpet Cleaning Process


Identify Trouble Spots

We will inspect your carpets and rugs with you while paying close attention to any spots or areas that may need more work. Our techs will educate you on what spotters and tools they will use for the best results.

Protect Your Property

Next we will install all of our care items such as corner guards, hard floor padding, and our door seal to ensure your home is properly protected.


Your carpets and rugs will be pretreated with our baby safe detergent and then agitated with our C.R.B. (Counter Rotating Brushes) machine or a carpet rake.

Spot Rinse

If any spots aren't removed with the mild detergent they will then be treated with specific spotters and rinsed again.

Furniture Moved Back

Any furniture we move and clean under will be replaced to its original location with foil coasters or styrofoam blocks to ensure it's not in contact with the damp carpets.

Stain Repellent Applied

Scotchgard stain repellent can now be applied upon request.

Fans Dry Carpet

High-powered fans are then installed to speed up the drying process. In most cases a room of your choice will be dry before we finish cleaning the rest of your home!

We are so confident in our process we guarantee “The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever Or It’s Free!”.

Experience is the key

Best Way has earned its reputation for superior wall-to-wall carpet cleaning by applying the newest techniques and products to achieve great results. We hope you will also notice the great experience you will have using our family business from the first phone call or online booking to the completion of our work.

When choosing a company to clean in your home experience should be a huge factor in your decision. Best Way Carpet Cleaning was founded in 1973 by Steve Lawrence. Jason and Kelly have acquired over 30 years of cleaning knowledge and have the honor of being IICRC certified Master Textile Cleaners! Here is a fun fact, if all our crew leaders are on one job together they have a over 110 years of combined experience! While many of our competitors send out employees who have only months of training our policy remains that technicians need at least 5 years of experience and IICRC certifications before they will be allowed to lead a crew. In fact, our crew leaders have more experience than many local companies have even been in business. Wow!

Superior Processes Give Superior Results

Our thorough preconditioning of carpet fibers with the amazing CRB machine (counter rotating brush) gently agitates and loosens soil from carpet fibers. This allows our powerful truck-mounted steam (240º softened water) cleaning equipment to extract even more dirt than ever!

The super heated water naturally sanitizes and rejuvenates synthetic carpet fibers which include nylon, polyester, olefin and triexta which is also known as Smartstrand. For wool wall to wall carpets a wool safe detergent is used with lower temperature water which is highly effective on this wonderful natural fiber.

Any spots that do not come out with the detergent pre-spray will then be treated our specialty spotters to remove coffee, tea, cola, grease, gum, kids slime, and all those mystery spots. All of the common spot removal is included at no extra charge. Extreme cases of filtration line soil along edges and red dye removal do have an added fee. This will be discussed and priced before our work begins however we can achieve great results on these difficult issues with some additional work.

Carpet Stain Guard For Lasting Spot And Spill Protection

After your carpet have been thoroughly cleaned we can apply a liquid stain protector that dries along with the carpets. Having a stain guard applied helps ensure easy clean up of spills for you and makes it much more likely that we can remove stubborn spots on our next visit. Our clients who have protector applied typically see their carpets last twice as long as those who don’t. We love our protector so much that if there are any spots within 90 days after application that you can’t get out yourself with the free spotter we leave you, we will come remove them for you free of charge! If the spot turned out to be a permanent stain we will refund you the price of the protector for the entire room. *Please note that this guarantee does not apply to biological pet spots.

Quick Dry Times Makes For Happy Clients

We take our drying times very seriously. We bet you’ve never had a carpet cleaner bring a single fan inside your home. We bring in two to four fans on every job! Quick drying is an important consideration and Best Way addresses this in several ways. Most importantly, our powerful suction coupled with teflon wand glide inserts removes more water than our competition. On multiple room jobs our powerful Turbodryers can assist in drying carpets much more quickly. Quite often the first room cleaned will be dry before we leave. Under normal conditions without any fans expect carpets to dry within 4 to 8 hours. You can also help the speed drying with your personal box and ceiling fans as well as running your AC in the summer or heating in the winter. We know that drying times have kept you away from other companies and that is why we have gone out of our way to ensure quick drying so you can get back to your normal routine.

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