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Frequently Asked Questions

To stay ahead of our competition we are constantly purchasing the latest innovations in equipment, tools, detergents, deodorizers, education, and technology to bring you cleaner and healthier homes while keeping us ahead of the pack.

Which other services does Best Way Carpet Cleaning provide?

Best Way can refresh and renew just about any textile in your home. Aside from Carpet Cleaning we also specialize in the cleaning of Upholstery, Area Rugs, Tile & Grout, Mattresses, Luxury Vinyl Plank, and Hardwood Flooring.

When can I use my freshly cleaned carpet and furniture?

Caution: Stepping from damp carpet onto hard floors and tile may be slippery!

You may walk on damp carpet in clean shoes, stocking feet or with the shoe covers we provide (Be very careful wearing shoe covers on stairs!). Drying times for carpet will vary depending on fiber type, thickness of carpet, temperature, and humidity. In general carpets take about 4 to 8 hours to dry depending on those factors. We will bring in at least two fans to assist in drying while at your home. After we leave you can help speed up the drying by providing air movement with fans or open windows if the weather permits. Furnace heat or air conditioning will also speed up drying depending on the season. Occasionally loosely installed carpets may wrinkle or buckle after cleaning and will return to their pre-cleaning condition upon drying.

Furniture on average will also take about 1 to 5 hours to dry thoroughly. After cleaning your techs will stand the cushions up on the deck of the furniture for better air movement around the fabrics. We will bring in our fans to reduce drying times while still at your home. After we leave it’s recommended that you set up your own fans to also help with a speedy drying.

What are the care instructions for carpet and upholstery that I have protected with Scotchgard or Super Sealer?

Congratulations on the purchase of a fine protector for your carpets, furniture or area rugs. These products are designed to repel liquids and block stains without changing the look or feel of either the carpet or upholstery fabric. Regular vacuuming and prompt spot and spill attention will help prevent permanent staining. The Spot Out” carpet spotter that we leave with you will remove most spots that you encounter. If you have a spot that doesn’t respond to “Spot Out” please call our office for further advice.

A word of caution—Some spills, like coffee, tea and wine can be problematic if not treated properly. After blotting up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, absorbent towel, check with us before proceeding. Some cleaning products can set these acidic spills. Professional cleaning maybe be recommended for best results and the least chances of permanent staining.

In the cases of paint, ink, glue, or kids slime we highly recommend covering the spot with Saran Wrap to prevent it from drying and call our office immediately. These are spots that should only be handled professionally to help ensure their complete removal. We may advise sending an emergency crew to assist you as soon as possible.

Can Best Way handle pet and other odor problems?

Absolutely! We have pets ourselves and realize the need for occasional accident attention or pet dander odor. We use the industry’s finest pet remedies that include extracting and sanitizing below the surface of the carpet. There have been some huge advancements in pet odor control which are very safe and do not rely on strong perfumes that only mask the odor.

Can I expect all the soil and stains to be removed from my carpet and fabrics?

Our advanced methods for carpet and fabric cleaning are much more effective than old fashioned systems which relied on lots of detergent and abrasive scrubbing. You will be amazed by how clean we can get your furnishings. Sometimes difficult spots may be permanent depending on the type of stain, the fiber type and how long the stain has been in the fabric. In these cases the fibers have accepted the spots dyes and the color of the fiber has been altered. Our technicians will discuss any spots they see which could be problematic during the pre-inspection however we won’t always know if they can be removed without trying.

When can I remove the protective coasters and styrofoam blocks from underneath my furniture?

Please leave protectors under furniture for 24 hours. Although all of your exposed carpets may feel dry after a few hours there may be some moisture present under any furniture legs which have blocks or coasters under them.

Caution: Stepping from damp carpet onto hard floors may be slippery.

If I am dissatisfied with any part of your service what should I do?

Please call us as soon as possible. We’d prefer that you were thrilled with our service. We guarantee all of our workmanship and we respect your desire for a quality job. Your concerns will be handled promptly and cheerfully as we make every attempt to correct or improve the situation in question.

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