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Area Rug Cleaning Services

You can prolong the beauty of your rugs with frequent vacuuming and prompt attention to spills and accidents. Please call us for more information or advice when spot cleaning your own rugs since natural fibers can be permanently damaged without the proper care.

The Magic of On-Site Area Rug Cleaning

Best Way can clean most wool and synthetic area rugs right in your home at a very reasonable cost. The process entails a very thorough vacuuming, application of the appropriate detergent, and then a thorough rinsing to remove soil and spots. Great care is taken to ensure no moisture gets to the backing of the area rugs. If the rug has a fringe we place butcher paper under the fringe to make sure it is not in contact with hardwood floors while drying. Best Way can make your rugs look new again while never leaving your home.

The Downside Of Plant Cleaning

While plant cleaning has it’s place the drawbacks need to be understood. Some plant cleaners charge a fee for pick-up and delivery. Typically you will be without your rugs for weeks. In some cases it can be very difficult for the rugs to be removed if there is heavy furniture on them. The price plant cleaners charge is usually 3x to 5x the rate we offer for on-site cleaning. Why wait weeks and spend more money when Best Way can give you beautiful clean area rugs ready to use the same day?

Please note that in cases of strong pet odor issues or rugs that we deem only safe for plant cleaning we will happily refer you to one of the local companies that specializes in these extreme cases.

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