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Hardwood Floor Cleaning And Maintenance Tips!

If you’re having a rough time maintaining your hardwood floors, you may want to go through the essential hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance tips that we have listed here.

Hardwood floors, without a doubt, are precious and highly valued in every home. They add value and make your home stand out more than any other type of floorings. But when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of your floors, hardwood is one the most delicate and time-consuming of them all as the hard work pays off perfectly with its highly durable lifespan and premium look!

This is why we are here with the best tips to keep your hardwood floor looking new and increase the longevity of your floors.

Tips on Maintaining Your Floors to Always Look New

For those who want to keep their hardwood floors looking new, it is important to follow certain rules when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. The following tips on how to always look new will help you achieve that.

  1. Use an easy-to-use cleaner and glass cleaner for easy cleaning.
  2. Use a non-abrasive cleaner for hardwood floors in order to avoid damage to the surface of the floor, which can cause future stains.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your hardwood floor, because they can damage the surface of the wood, possibly causing future stains.
  4. Do not use a commercial product that has been applied excessively; it may damage the surface of your floors in the long run, causing future stains and damages.
  5. Do not use a chemical polish as they are almost sure to increase the exposure of any previous stains on your floors, which might lead to future stains affecting more areas of your flooring area than before; therefore, avoid using them if you want a clean and shiny finish for your hardwood floors.

There is a huge variety of hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance that you can choose from but consulting a professional is always wise as they would be able to point out the best solution specifically for your floors.

How To Increase The Longevity Of Hardwood Floors?

Many people have a hard time remembering that they need to clean their floors more often than they think. Cleaning your floors is an important part of maintenance, but cleaning is hard work, so it’s easy to forget about it when we’re busy doing other things!
One of the biggest misconceptions about cleaning your floor is that pressure washing is not necessary. This isn’t true at all. Pressure washing removes dirt and debris from the surface but doesn’t remove the wood fibers, so your wood will still need to be treated with a stain and sealer every couple of years.
There are also some steps you can take to make your cleaning process easier and more efficient:
(1) Prevent water damage in the first place by sealing any cracks or small holes in the floor with a non-slip material such as wax or polyurethane clog busters (they will generally add years of life to a floor). Remove water damage by carefully spraying out the hoses and then wiping up any excess water before you start scrubbing (if you can’t get started right away, I recommend using a vacuum cleaner).
(2) Use an inexpensive scrub brush (the kind you would use for dishes). It takes longer than using a pressure washer but it won’t cause as much damage to your floor (and it doesn’t have that strong smell).
(3) Slip-on protective gloves (to protect yourself from bacteria and other germs), safety glasses, and a dust mask if needed. Don’t forget protective earmuffs: these are vital if you are working around chemicals like bleach or ammonia! We don’t always use them during our own home maintenance, but if you absolutely must, buy some now so that you don’t get them dirty!
(4) Use cloth or sponge rags or buckets instead of paper towels for cleaning; do not use plastic grocery bags for this purpose. These materials will absorb up grease and leave no visible marks on your wood; however, they may not be able to remove stains completely so you may want to use a cleaning solution for the rest of the stains.

Regular Maintenance Is Ideal!

As for now, you may have understood that the key to achieving healthy hardwood flooring that looks the best is to clean it regularly and get an expert’s check-up from time to time while also applying new topcoats every 3-5 years as recommended by many professionals. This will make your floors last longer and make them look its best throughout its lifespan. Taking care of your floors will always pay off visibly and will be worth the investment!

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