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How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

It depends on how heavily the carpets are used,  which may depend on carpet's location and the type of general care carpets are given.  Most homes and businesses can plan on an annual cleaning of all carpets.  However,  some carpeted areas will benefit from  semi-annual or quarterly cleaning of the more heavily used areas, like family rooms, dining areas,  hallways and stairways.   Lighter colors require more frequent cleanings to look their best. 

Regular  cleaning with a gentle, thorough system will not wear out carpets.  Keeping carpets clean will add years of life by removing the abrasive soils and contaminants which would otherwise cut the carpet's life short.  Our systems are guaranteed to remove soil without the harsh abrasive action of outdated methods.

When can I walk on my freshly cleaned carpets?

With our DEEP STEAM EXTRACTION METHOD, most carpets take about 2 to 6 hours to dry thoroughly.   Drying time can be shorter or longer depending on the type of carpet and the relative humidity in your home or business.  

With the  Low Moisture Orbital Pad System or Cimex encapsulation system carpets will be dry in about one hour.  Try to minimize foot traffic during the drying period.  Make sure your shoes are very clean or wear socks only.  We can supply traffic paper for your walkways or booties to slip over shoes or socks..  Leave coasters and blocks under furniture until completely dry to avoid staining carpet from metal or wood.  Any carpet buckling (a result of the moisture) will correct to normal as the carpet dries.

Do Carpets Soil more quickly after cleaning?

No, they will not soil faster with any of our cleaning systems.  Outdated methods left a cleaning residue which attracted soil.  Our advanced cleaning systems include complete preconditioning and prespotting followed by a clear water rinse  which means there is no significant residue left in the carpet or furniture fabrics to attract soil.  We guarantee it. 

Furthermore, an application of our genuine Stainshield Carpet Protector  and Bridgepoint Furniture Protector will impart a protective finish to your fabrics which greatly improves soil and stain resistance.  Carpets and furniture stay cleaner longer while spills and general soil clean up much easier than unprotected fabrics.

Can I expect all the soils and stains to be removed from my fabrics?

Our advanced methods for fabric cleaning are incredibly more effective than old fashioned systems which relied on lots of detergents and abrasive brushing. The soil and stains are thoroughly and gently rinsed from the fibers due to the powerful extraction ability of our equipment. 

You will probably be amazed at how clean we can get your fabrics.  Occasionally difficult stains may be permanent depending on the type of stain, the fiber type and how long the stain has been in the fabric.  We have many special procedures available to us and we will be able to remove the vast majority of spots and stains.

If I am dissatisfied with any part of your service what should I do?

Phone us as soon as possible.  We want you to be pleased.  We guarantee all of our workmanship (with the exception or pre-qualified items) and we respect your desire for a quality job.  Complaints are handled promptly and cheerfully.

How can I care for my carpets between cleanings?

In addition to regular vacuuming, prompt spot and spill attention can keep your carpets looking their best and will reduce the chance of a permanent stain.  Best Way stocks and offers "Spot Out", a professional strength spotter (with FREE REFILLS) for your carpets.  This excellent product will remove most spots and will not leave a dirt attracting film like most commercial products do. We also stock "Bac Out", an excellent enzyme digester, for removing and sanitizing pet and child accidents from urine, vomit, feces, etc.  We also sell fine carpet grooming rakes and grooming brushes like the ones we use to finish your carpets.  Our technicians would be happy to demonstrate these items.

What other services does Best Way Carpet Cleaning offer?

- Expert upholstery cleaning of all fabrics including special fabrics like Haitian Cotton, velvets, satins, silks and chintzes, ultra suede as well as conventional fabrics like wool, cotton, nylon, olefin, various fabric blends, and others.
- On-site loose rug cleaning including fine Oriental and decorator rugs.

- Dust Mite Treatment--neutralizes dust mite residues on carpets and furniture.

- Deodorizing carpets, furniture, draperies other items.
- Dust Removal Service-Extensive and thorough vacuuming of homes.
- Deep Steam Cleaning of commercial tile floors and residential floors.
- Water Damage Restoration Service--We salvage carpet, furnishings and structures affected by water intrusions.
- Pressure Washing --high pressure steam cleaning for various needs.

- Oscillating Pad Cleaning—Unique new low moisture carpet cleaning system.
- New Carpet, Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tile Sales--consultation available

- Carpet Installation and Repairs expertly performed by seasoned veterans.

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