Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We at Best Way Now offer a wide variety of floor refinishing services that can help you save money and get the best value for your hardwood floors. Our goal is to make your hardwood floors look great again. We do this in a very unique way. Instead of sanding and applying a new coat of finish, we use a process that removes light surface scratches and gives the wood a fresh new look. Our customers love our results.

Professional Wood Floor Refinishers

If you are looking for a professional hardwood floor refinishing company that offers superior services, then look no further. Best Way is a family-owned and operated hardwood floor refinishing company that offers the highest quality refinishing services. Our team of experts has been refinishing hardwood floors for years. We understand the importance of a professional hardwood floor refinishing job. We will make ensure your satisfaction at an affordable price.

There are many benefits to refinishing wooden floors, including saving money and increasing the value of your home. Refinishing a floor is a cost-effective way to bring back the sheen and beauty of your floors.

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Refinish hardwood floors

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Why is Best Way the Best?

Let us toot our own horns for a second and tell you why we are considered the best hardwood floor care team in Washtenaw County based on feedback from our customers.

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Are You Looking To Buy New Hardwood Floors?

Many of our customers are shocked to learn that their wood floors can be rescued. When we tell people that their floors are not really damaged and they just need to be refreshed, they are thrilled that we will be able to save them significant expenses.

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Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring in the United States. They are great for a number of reasons. Hardwood floors are easy to install, they are durable, and they look great. In addition, hardwood flooring upkeep is relatively easy to do.

But, there is one problem that can arise when you have hardwood floors. Over time, hardwood floors will start to show wear and tear. When this happens, you may notice cracks in your flooring. These cracks can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, your floors may get scratched by furniture or pets. They may even be damaged by heavy use.

Best Way offers a screen and recoat service, also known as buff and recoat, which is our sandless refinishing option. The process includes cleaning, abrading the surface layers of finish, and applying several new topcoats. This not only helps remove surface scratches, blemishes, and stains, but it provides added protection for 3 to 5 years depending on traffic.

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