Spectacular Tile and Grout Cleaning

With the addition of tile and grout cleaning, Best Way’s cleaning power extends to the entire home.

Do you remember how your tile floors looked when they were new? Brilliant, beautiful, clean with crisp grout lines that gave your floors and your home a fresh, clean appearance. Have you discovered that no amount of back-breaking scrubbing and mopping can restore that look? Dirty mop water seeps into the porous grout line and you just can’t seem to achieve that “new look” no matter how hard you scrub and rinse.

Well, help is on the way. Best Way has added Tile and Grout cleaning to our list of services and homeowners are relieved to discover the solution to the tile and grout dilemma. Now, with the help of innovative tools and methods, we are able to restore that original look of your tile plus we are able to seal the grout line with a durable sealant that makes your future floor cleaning a snap.

Our 5-step process begins with a thorough vacuuming of the floor to remove dry soils. A powerful oxidizing detergent is mopped onto the floor where it penetrates and begins to dissolve soils. Then an oscillating scrubber with various length bristles scrubs the solution deep into the pores and grout lines of the floor. This loosens the soil and holds it in suspension for the next step which is a thorough contained pressure washing with heated rinse water.

This deep rinsing is done with the amazing Turbo tile cleaner which uses 2 spinning spray jets blasting 220-degree softened rinse water to remove the detergent and soil, leaving your floors sparkling clean. After a short drying period, we can apply a durable sealant to help keep your floors looking like new for years.

Say good-bye to this frustrating chore and let Best Way show you the like-new floor hiding under years of soil build-up. Your back will thank you and you’ll enjoy easier floor maintenance for years. We provide this service for both commercial and residential floors.


Best Way Testimonials

“I had no idea that my ceramic tile and grout could be renewed so beautifully.  Many thanks!”

Jerome and Shirley C.  Ann Arbor


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